Therapy Heals welcomes our New Director of Clinical Services, Alanah Roy LCSW.

I am thrilled to be assuming the Director of Clinical Services role at Therapy Heals. The support, resources, and hope Therapy Heals provides to those experiencing an unexpected loss is such a distinctive and essential way to support healing. I am honored that I am able to bring my skills and passion to serve this mission.

I like to say that grief work “found me,” and by doing so, I truly found my calling. I began my career as a birth doula and health educator in New York City. Early in this work, I started receiving phone calls from healthcare providers who were looking for support resources for low-income families experiencing pregnancy and infant loss. With little else available, I was determined to develop this specialization for myself. Working with clients experiencing loss- witnessing intimate moments of pain and love- was a privilege I deeply respect. It solidified my dedication to further my career as a therapist and my commitment to grief work.

Since that time, I have worked in numerous community mental health and medical settings throughout Los Angeles. I have had the honor of supporting families experiencing complex pediatric illness and the end of life at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles; individuals facing perinatal depression, anxiety, and grief in the Jewish Family Service New Parents Connect program; loss to opioid overdose at Homeless Health Care Los Angeles; and provided hospital-based crisis response services, along with other services over the years. My background in public health activism has shaped my professional identity and I remain active in non-profit leadership and support. I also have particular interest and experience providing psychotherapy to individuals experiencing anxiety and panic disorders and have found this to be an important skill when working with clients whose sense of safety has been seriously compromised following an unexpected loss.

On the personal side, I live in the Los Angeles area with my partner, our young daughter, and our adopted senior dog, Jeezy. We recently also took in an injured, orphaned kitten we named Hebe, so I am learning to be a cat behavioralist as well! To find balance in my work with grief and trauma, I spend time outdoors, explore the fantastic art and food in LA, and enjoy experiencing the world through my daughter’s eyes.

The work we do at Therapy Heals is so important. Traumatic grief is uniquely devastating- the shock and trauma our clients may feel when we first connect can be debilitating. Few professionals have the experience and education to truly walk alongside people grieving after these types of losses. The unique expertise, support, and hope we can provide our clients at Therapy Heals is essential to our community. It is a privilege to serve the mission of Therapy Heals. 

As Director of Clinical Services, I look forward to expanding future services to include increased therapeutic services for children, community grief education, and additional support group offerings  (processing in the community is a powerful tool for healing!). Please feel free to reach out with suggestions for future services. I look forward to connecting with you and am looking forward to the challenges and connections ahead.