Professional Grief Education

Therapy Heals is proud to announce our first professional education course - Foundations in Grief taught by Dr. Jennifer R. Levin. Due to unforeseen circumstances the course will now begin Monday, January 8th. This home study video course consists of six weekly modules and includes an interactive forum for online discussions about course concepts. This course is designed for mental health professionals, health professionals, first responders, or clergy who support and care for individuals living with grief. Weekly modules will address the following topics:

  1. How we die: Understanding mortality by age, ethnicity and geographic region across the United States and society's response to death.
  2. How we grieve: Exploring different forms of grief and how grief differs across the lifespan.
  3. How we think in grief: Learning thanatological theories to understand the grieving process.
  4. How we work with grief: Part 1 - Utilizing theoretical approaches to guide treatment in grief.
  5. How we work with grief: Part 2 - Skills and techniques for working with clients in grief.
  6. How we grow in grief: Exploring cultural humility, continuing bonds, and post traumatic growth.

Weekly video modules will range in length from 90 minutes to three hours and approximately 20 hours of continuing education will be available. To be notified when enrollment opens click here.