Group Therapy 

Traumatic Grief Group

After the unexpected death of a loved one, it is common to feel isolated and disconnected from the world. Many people sense family and friends quickly tire of their pain, or do not understand the unique aspects associated after an unexpected death of a loved one. Often, as a result, they withdraw, disengage, or hide their pain.

Therapy Heals provides a weekly traumatic grief support group to help with the isolation and pain after an unexpected death. Therapy Heals grief groups address the needs of participants after an unexpected loss and build community and support to facilitate healing. Group time provides participants with a safe space to share experiences, learn from others, and gain new insights and tools to cope with their grief.

Participants repeatedly report that support group provides a unique space where:

  • needs and experiences are understood
  • grievers do not need to caretake for others
  • all grief emotions are acceptable and
  • grief has no timeline
Traumatic Grief Support Group This online support group is designed for individuals who have experienced a sudden loss. Group time will focus on the unique aspects of an unexpected death and provide a safe community to share stories, process daily experiences, and explore grief. Participants will learn new coping mechanisms, new ways to interact with loved ones often unable to relate, and tools to manage constant change. Tuesdays, 7-8:15pm PT Six-week program fee: $360 Email: to register Dr. Jennifer R. Levin, LMFT, is a Fellow in Thanatology, the Study of Death, Dying and Bereavement and specializes in working with sudden loss, cancer and post traumatic grief. She is also the host of the podcast Untethered: Healing the Pain from an Unexpected Death. To learn more about Jennifer, visit