Individual, Couple, and Family Therapy

The decision to enter therapy is not always easy. Therapy is not easy, but therapy heals.  

When you seek therapy, after an unexpected death, you put forth a willingness to acknowledge your pain, emotions, grief, and circumstances as well as a readiness to explore life events that are often scary, inevitably uncomfortable, out of your control, and may even be paralyzing.

Losing a loved one is one of life’s most painful experiences.

More importantly, you are ready to learn how to cope with your feelings, care for yourself and loved ones, and invest in your future. The tools and insight you will gain from therapy will be essential in finding your ground, your stability, and in processing complex emotions.

We know that your life will never be exactly the same after the unexpected death of your loved one, but as you continue forward – acceptance, transformation, growth, and comfort will follow.

At Therapy Heals, our psychotherapeutic services provide teenagers, adults, couples, and families skills to better understand and cope with the intense fluctuations of emotions, experiences, and reactions after an unexpected death. We have developed therapeutic techniques to work with a range of grief and trauma symptoms including:  sadness, anger, anxiety and panic, motivation, guilt, regret, and other struggles that interfere with daily functioning. With these tools, you will be equipped to care for your grief, establish new boundaries, navigate relationships, regulate your emotions, and find increasing interludes of peace.

The intention of grief therapy is to integrate the positive aspects of your loved one within yourself and not harbor the burden of your loved one's death. Our goals are to help you start feeling grounded and capable of working through your pain.

Your body and spirit long for peace and serenity from your ordeal, and to rediscover the calm moments within your storm where there is connection, wholeness, and healing.