Guidance and Hope for Unexpected Death

You know that death is a natural part of life, but you never imagine someone you love or care about to die unexpectedly.

An unexpected or sudden death is devastating. It leaves you in a state of shock and disbelief, and the intensity of grief and onslaught of feelings is overwhelming. And yet, you are forced to continue on with life. There are countless responsibilities and decisions that still need to be made at a time when it may be difficult to think clearly, or your decision-making abilities may be impaired. Depending on the circumstances of your loss, you may experience symptoms of trauma, memories of previous deaths, or difficult times you have encountered during your lifetime. The impact of a sudden or unexpected death may also lead you to question your safety in the world, worry excessively about your loved ones, and ponder what would happen if you died unexpectedly.

My name is Dr. Jennifer R. Levin, and I am the founder of Therapy Heals, a prevention and postvention business that provides guidance and hope in the face of unexpected death.

Therapy Heals is committed to providing guidance and hope for individuals, mental health and care professionals, and businesses in the face of a sudden or unexpected death. At Therapy Heals, we provide the following services:

At Therapy Heals, we understand the pain and devastation deeply associated with unexpected and sudden death. We know the massive destruction a sudden death causes in life, in a family, and in the workplace, and have developed a wide breadth of services to address the totality of our clients’ needs.

Therapy Heals is skilled and ready to assist you with compassion and calmness when your circumstances feel like chaos. We have the expertise, experience, and techniques to help you cope and guide you through one of the most devastating times of your life. We are committed to moving you toward healing and holding hope even when that seems unimaginable.