Previous Events

The following is a list of trainings, presentations and webinars provided by Dr. Jennifer R. Levin and Therapy Heals

Whidbey Island - Dancing Fish Farm House 8.5.2023 - 8.7.2023
Grief Retreat - How to Navigate the Tides of Enduring Grief

Northwest Center for Creative Aging 5.30.2023
Presence within Absence – Connections with the Deceased
Speaking Engagement

Institute for Girls Development 4.11.2023
Clinician tools for complicated and traumatic grief when working with adolescents
Professional Grief Training

Cancer Support Community, Pasadena, CA6.24.19
The Long Goodbye:  Anticipatory Grief
In person speaking engagement

Asian Youth Center, San Gabriel, CA2.16.19
The Impact of Grief in the Workplace and the Inability to Say Goodbye  
In person training

San Gabriel Valley Chapter of the California 3.12.19
Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, Pasadena, CA
When Loss and Trauma Collide: Working with Traumatic Grief
In Person clinician training

The Center for Connection, Pasadena, CA5.18.19
The Many Faces of Grief:  A Clinician’s Toolbox to Facilitate Emotional
Regulation Through the Grief Experience
In person clinician training

Covid Response Webinar Series
Living With Grief in the Midst of Covid – 193.30.2020

Three Reasons Why Grief During COVID – 19 is Traumatic4.20.2020

Living With Traumatic Grief 5.18.2020

3 Tips for Talking to Children, Adolescents and Teens6.15.2020

The Power of Presence7.06.2020

Traumatic Grief is Different8.18.2020

From Grief to Growth six-week Educational Series
What is Grief Overload and How Can You Cope?10.13.2020
How the World Today is Impacting Your Stress, Anxiety, and Grief10.27.2020

Planning & Surviving the Holidays When You are Grieving11.10.2020

The importance of Traditions & Rituals in Grief11.24.2020

Tips for Navigating Grief, Gamily Dynamics, and the Holidays12.08.2020

Preparing for a New Year While Grieving & Without Your Loved One12.22.2020

2021 was dedicated to providing crisis support and education to schools and business experiencing grief and loss related to COVID.

Rose City Training Center
The Many Faces of Grief:  Best Practices for Treatment3.07.2022
Online clinician training

From Grief to Growth Summer Program
Grieving a Sudden Death:  How to Stay Connected and Heal7.07.2022

Understanding Traumatic Grief Conference, Lynnwood WA11.04.2022
Grief in the Family System
Grief by Developmental Stage
Professional Conference

From Grief to Growth Holiday Program
5 Ways to Make the Holidays Easier When You are Grieving11.7.2022

Central Coast Home Health & Hospice11.17.2022
Foundations in grief and tools for coping with cumulative loss
Online clinician training

The Place Within
Grief Foundations12.10.2022
How to Work with Grieving Clients12.20.2022
Online clinician training

Traumatic Grief Companioning Volunteer Training, Lynnwood, WA1.28.2023
Introduction to the Companioning Grief Experience
Understanding the Difference between Therapeutic vs. Companioning services
In person clinician trainings