Guidance in Grief May 2023


Spring greetings and welcome to our brand-new newsletter now hosted by Therapy Heals: Guidance in Grief Monthly Newsletter - May 2023.

The change of seasons is a constant reminder of the passage of time, and that reminder can intensify your sorrow of loved ones no longer being physically present. However, spring represents new beginnings and new growth, and after the darkness of winter, the lightness of spring is an opportunity to make a fresh start and begin anew.

After an unexpected death or in the midst of grief, it can be difficult to find the the motivation to begin again. I encourage you to spend time outside this month and observe and soak in the beauty of new growth and the transformation of nature. When you are ready, you too, will experience your own spring.

In the spirit of new growth and beginnings, our newsletter and programs have also changed. We have transitioned to a monthly newsletter and expanded our programs to facilitate healing in the face of unexpected death. Our monthly newsletter will continue to provide recommended grief resources, summarize podcast interviews, and announce upcoming programs and activities formerly featured in the weekly From Grief to Growth newsletter.  We will also send out bi-monthly announcements when our podcast episodes are launched. If this content is no longer relevant, please feel free to unsubscribe or forward to a friend who would find this information beneficial.

Life after unexpected or sudden death is so challenging. I invite you to immerse yourself in the beauty of spring and allow nature to reawaken and ground your grieving process.



How Long Does Grief Last? Helpful resource from What's Your Grief?

Does grief ever really go away? This is one of the topics that frequently arises in my support groups and client sessions. When you lose someone you love dearly, it is like losing a limb or part of yourself and, early on, especially after a sudden or unexpected death, the pain is excruciating. Over time, the grief changes and evolves (from acute grief to integrated grief), and although memories may fade, the love, the hole, and the sense of your loved one, never truly goes away. Click here for a helpful article from What's Your Grief?


Psychiatrist Dr. Mariel Tourani explores concerns many individuals have about using pharmacological interventions in their healing process and the differences between grief and depression. Listen here.

On May 24th, author Dr. Pamela Blair who wrote I Wasn't Ready to Say Goodbye, talks about her brand-new book The Long Grief Journey. An interview link will be emailed.



Dr. Jennifer Levin will be speaking Tuesday, May 30th at 7:30pm on Presence Within Absence: Connection with the Deceased.     Click here for online tickets.

Dr. Levin will be speaking about the relationships we have with loved ones who have died and are learning to accept their absence from our lives. The program will explore how we remember, memorialize, and communicate with loved ones after death, based on the work of Dr. Ted Rynearson, and Dr. Levin's own clinical experiences. 

Therapy Heals has a new website! Check out

After almost 8 years, Therapy Heals is proud to announce our brand-new website. The site features our new services and displays pictures of Whidbey Island in Puget Sound, Washington, where Jennifer, and her dog, Winnie, now reside.

Be sure to check out the resource section which is full of books, websites and podcasts specific to sudden and unexpected death. Many of these resources have been provided to Jennifer and Therapy Heals by clients. If you have a resource that you would like to see listed, please email us.

Grief is the last act of love we can give to those we loved. Where there is deep grief, there is great love. 



Did you know Dr. Jennifer R. Levin and Therapy Heals have been providing crisis support after a sudden or unexpected death (in-person and virtually), to corporate, school, and community organizations for over 10 years? After unexpected death, employees, staff and students often experience physical and emotional symptoms that impact work performance, and those with a history of grief or trauma may also be in need of needing additional support.

Businesses may experience increased use of sick time and higher rates of attrition that may impact productivity, stall projects and increase risk for legal complication. Schools and community organizations can experience adverse consequences among staff and employees and need help caring for those they care for. How your business, school or organization responds to a crisis will be an indication, to everyone you serve, of how you value your employees and/or those in your care. Professional guidance during a crisis provides optimal healing. If your business, school or community organization has experienced a sudden or unexpected death, contact Therapy Heals for immediate support at, or text (626) 695-4211.


Therapy Heals has launched a new program Advance Planning for Unexpected Death.  Advance Planning for the unexpected invests in employee, staff and students wellness, saves time and resources, and prepares organizations to lead during stressful times. For more information, please email Dr. Levin at directly, or click here.  


If you are a clinician, first responder, or professional working in the field of grief, Therapy Heals Professional Grief Educational Program is launching Summer 2023. Click here to learn more about course offerings and continuing education units.


There are still a few spaces left for our grief retreat on Whidbey Island, August 5-8th in Washington. Participants who have already registered have experienced the death of parents, spouses/partners, and/or children. The retreat will focus on the impact grief has had on participants' life, creating new identities and roles, and developing a meaningful future. For more information, click here.


Thank you for reading the first edition of our monthly newsletter Therapy Heals: Guidance in Grief. We welcome your feedback and suggestions for future editions. Wishing you comfort and peace in the beauty of nature's new beginnings this month.

Jennifer and Therapy Heals