Advance Planning for Unexpected Death in the Workplace

When an unexpected death occurs in the workplace most businesses are unprepared. The grief and aftermath of the emotional trauma that accompanies unexpected deaths from health crises, suicides, overdoses, accidents, or homicides, are very different from the grief related to deaths expected to occur. After an unexpected death, employees may experience physical and emotional symptoms that impact their work performance. Employees with a history of grief and trauma are also at risk of memories being triggered and having their previous traumas reactivated.

When the workplace is not prepared to address or respond to an unexpected death, employees may struggle to function and make even minor decisions. This may lead to feeling isolated in their grief, which may also lead to experiencing low morale and inactivity. In the unprepared workplace, employers report increased use of employee sick time, higher rates of turnover, and management and leadership difficulties. There is often decreased productivity, lost revenue, stalled projects, and increased risk for legal complications. Therapy Heals Advance Planning for an Unexpected Death in the Workplace prepares your workplace for the inevitable.

Our comprehensive program includes:

  • review of your current bereavement policies
  • assessment of organizational structure to determine the impact of unexpected death
  • creation of a grief readiness environment
  • management trainings
  • development of policies, procedures, and communication protocols
  • employee resource guides for each type of unexpected death

Talking about death, let alone preparing for it, has historically been a very uncomfortable topic in our society. In the past, many businesses have avoided difficult and emotional topics such as grief in the professional environment. Some employees who have displayed their emotions at work have been shunned and even reprimanded. Today, many businesses have recognized they can no longer afford this mentality.

Employers who take the time and resources to engage in advance planning for an unexpected death are committed to the health and well-being of their employees and their business. Therapy Heals has developed a cutting-edge program to prepare your company and leaders with the tools, knowledge, and skills needed to lead during a crisis to ensure your workplace remains healthy and resilient.