Trauma Recovery

Trauma Recovery is a form of post traumatic growth. The term post traumatic growth is a relatively new concept to be acknowledged in the scientific literature.  In 1995 Richard Tedeschi, PhD and Lawrence Calhoun, PhD coined this term to explore the concept of growth as a potential consequence of grappling with trauma. Despite the difficulties that life throws at us, there seems to be a group of people that when faced with a major life crisis or trauma are able to use these experiences to facilitate meaningful changes.  The concept of post traumatic growth is built on the premise that individuals who experience a traumatic life event may experience positive psychological changes as a result of the trauma, resulting in personal growth and a new way of interacting with the world.

The world today is tough and the majority of us will experience at least one severe traumatic event in our lifetime.  Traumas come in many forms including illness, watching loved ones suffer, crisis, assault, violence, accidents, and natural disasters.  Whether you experience a devastating life event or the cumulative effects of the constant ordeals of everyday life, trauma can overwhelm your ability to cope.

Post traumatic growth often occurs in distinct areas of our life and therapy can help facilitate growth.  Individuals who experience post-traumatic growth usually describe an improvement in their inner strength and relationships with people most important in their life.  Post-traumatic growth can also be seen in the perception of new opportunities, a deepened sense of spirituality, and a greater appreciation and commitment to finding new meaning.

Therapy can facilitate trauma recovery and post-traumatic growth.  As skilled clinicians, we can help introduce new perspectives and ways to view the world to shift thinking about your trauma experience.  We challenge your life perceptions and schemas with insightful thinking to bolster personal development while holding and respecting the trauma that has injected itself into your world.  Together we will build on your strength, resiliency, and inner compass to use your trauma as a catalyst to change and grow.