Living with Cancer and Illness

The diagnosis of cancer or a serious illness is perhaps one the most traumatic events you will encounter.  Cancer or serious illness can be a horrific, life altering and life-threatening experience.  When diseases such as this threaten your existence, your identity and interpersonal relationships, it can result in periods of darkness and despair.  Undoubtedly, cancer and serious illness will change and challenge your life and the lives of your loved ones.  But in spite of the devastation, and as ironic as it may seem, you can work through the emotions and feelings of your illness and trauma and perhaps find a hidden beauty.  Therapy can heal.

When disease or traumatic events assault your bodily and emotional wellbeing, treatment for the disease can be both physically and mentally traumatic.  These events can significantly scar many aspects of your body, mind, relationships and lifestyle.  It can leave you feeling sick, discouraged, exhausted and disfigured.  To live in the face of cancer is to cope with bodily and emotional vulnerability, and this struggle between vulnerability and coping mechanisms redefines your essence and your character.  New values, standards and possibilities emerge.  And with time, love and nurturing, it is possible to gain new insights, outlooks and opportunities for growth and renewal.

I have worked with countless people living with disease.  I have witnessed intense pain, relived traumatic experiences, and listened to the anger, guilt and conflicting emotions.  As your therapist, I am unable to take away the physical pain or control the course of illness, but I can companion with you through this experience.  Together we can lighten the intensity of emotions and work towards the emotional healing necessary to endure the course of illness.