End of Life

I don’t know what it is like to be actively dying.  However, I have shared this journey with countless people who live in my heart.  I have witnessed their final days.  I have listened to their stories, relived their memories, shared their heartbreaks, and celebrated their successes.

Therapy at the end of life has the ability to lift the heaviness, weight, obligations, and responsibilities that individuals often feel when they are leaving this world and the ones they love.  When individuals are sick they often have to comfort, care for, and worry about loved ones and their feelings. We offer a safe place to express your sadness and fears. You will not have to comfort your therapist, nor will you have to take care of us or worry about our feelings.  We can contain your sadness and fears, we hold your pain and sorrow, and we lighten your burden.  We will validate your being, your emotions, and your experiences.  Therapy may not heal your physical being, but it can increase psychological wellness and comfort your spirit.

Therapy can bring life to dying.  We have seen and used techniques such as life reviews, completion of advance directives, and final wishes to bring healing and closure to a life coming to an end.  We have witnessed the resolution of family turmoil, existential crises, and the completion of unfinished tasks transformed into harmony, peace, and love.  Together, we can process your fears and pain and prepare for the journey ahead.